2016-2017 Houston Chapter Executive Board

Lisa Harris President
Tanyel Bennett 1st Vice President
Membership Director
Karen Hill 2nd Vice President Program Director
Juanita Chretien Recording Secretary
Janine Cashin Treasurer
Deidre Lodrig Assistant Treasurer
Aziza Mims Corresponding Secretary
Holly Harris Financial Secretary
Melanie Evans-Smith Assistant Financial Secretary
Laura Whitley Editor-Publicity
Penny Mack Custodian
Toni Fontenot Historian
Valerie Perry Chaplain
Alaina Benford Lead Teen Advisor
Alison Hollins Courtesy
Mary Gordon Sergeant-At-Arms
Terri Turner-Smith Parliamentarian
Sheshe Evans Bylaws
Colette Loeb Protocol
Keisha Phillips & Erica Burnette Foundation Co-Chairs
Sabrina Loeb Associate Chair
Stelena Evans Regional Associate Chair
Barbara Roberts Associate Advisor

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